The Alaska Chapter – Telecom Photobomb Scavenger Hunt

Join us in our social distancing social event.  Have fun and win prizes with our telecom photobomb scavenger hunt.  Take a picture with either yourself, family member, or friend with one of the scavenger hunt items below and submit them to our Facebook page to be entered in a drawing for a $50 gift card.  You don’t have a Facebook account……. that’s ok, you can email your pictures to us directly to the email provided below.   Take the family out for some quality time or head out by yourself for some quiet time.  Find the items below and snap a selfie or get a shot of the family with the item.  Then go to our Facebook page and load the pictures onto our timeline with your name.  Every 5 items found, with pictures, gets you an entry into the drawing for a $50 gift card!

But, wait…. there’s more

The person with the most liked picture on our Facebook page wins another $50 gift card.  So, get your coworkers and friends to get on our Facebook page and start liking your photos.

Scavenger hunt runs 5/15/2020 – 6/1/2020.

The most like photo will run until 6/3/20 At 11:30 AM.

There will be three drawings for $50 for scavenger hunt and one $50 overall winner for the most like.



Broken Lashing Wire (Or any make ready violation) Satellite Dish Cell Tower Disguised as Tree
HFC Power Supply Cabinet Cell tower Payphone
Strand Mounted WiFi Hotspot Service pedestal Rotary phone
Optical Node Midspan aerial drop Flip phone
2 port tap Aerial drop House NID
4 port tap Cell phone accessory store House Box
8 port tap Public utility marquee sign Patch Panel
Amplifier Safety cones Fiber meter
Line Extender Telcom service vehicle Butt set
Self-Terminating Tap Telephone pole 66 block
Splice enclosure Someone wearing a hard hat (not you) 110 block
Aerial Slack Loop (snowshoes) Someone wearing a safety vest (not you) Krone block
Fiber Optic Vault Ground Rod Wire wrap
Fiber Optic Manhole Anchor CRT (tube) TV
Optical Cross Connect, PON, or 10G Cabinet Guy Guard Pole climber
Broken Vertical Ground Sidewalk Anchor
Bucket truck Overhead Guy
12 way or larger coax splitter Reel Trailer
Cell Antennas on Power Pole